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Code of Conduct Enforcement Training

Many online events and communities have a Code of Conduct. However, communities often lack a plan for following up on reports and actually enforcing their Code of Conduct.

Yesterday I attended Otter Tech’s workshop on how to enforce a code of conduct and respond to reports. I’m so grateful. Without knowing how to do these things a code of conduct is essentially useless.

Evy Kassirer Organizer, StarCon Waterloo

Practical Training

Otter Tech’s Code of Conduct Incident Response Workshop gives you the practical, hands on experience you need for Code of Conduct enforcement.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Support a person making a report
  • Evaluate the report
  • Decide consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • Create a behavioral modification plan
  • Effectively follow up with a reported person

I volunteer with a non-profit that runs summer camps for young adults. Using the techniques discussed in the workshop, we were recently able to handle an incident of harassment. One of the reporters said they were amazed at how well the entire situation was handled. We believe that those participants will feel comfortable coming back to a future camp based largely on their positive experience with how the report was handled. They thought very highly of our organization’s ability to respond.

Steve Ross Summer Camp Volunteer

Purchase Tickets

Workshop dates: The workshop is run approximately once a month. There are no workshops in June, July, and November. There two workshops in October.

Workshop times: Our workshops take place at different times to accommodate people around the world. Please double check the workshop time before purchasing a ticket.

Follow the links below to purchase a workshop ticket, or check the workshop time in your timezone:

Sign up for the Otter Tech mailing list to be notified of future workshops.

Off to attend training on code-of-conduct enforcement with the rest of the North Bay Python Conference team, because the safety and well-being of our attendees is our first job as organizers

Sam Kimbrel Organizer, North Bay Python Conference

Workshop Content

The workshop covers:

  • Tips for protecting reporter privacy
  • Frameworks for deciding consequences of inappropriate behavior
  • Discussion on bias, intent, and microaggressions
  • Discussion on personal conflicts, false reporting, and power dynamics
  • 40 minutes total of Q&A time

The workshop also includes interactive practice enforcing a Code of Conduct. Attendees will practice in pairs. Practice includes:

  • Receiving a Code of Conduct violation report
  • Evaluating a report in a group setting
  • Following up with the reported person

There will be two practice scenarios. They will cover one incident in an in-person event and one incident in an online community.

The practice scenarios allow participants to rehearse calm and firm responses in a safe learning environment. After each practice scenario, the facilitator will guide a group discussion on any questions that arose during the practice.

The role playing really nudged people to share, and investigate their similar experiences, questions and reactions.

Emma Irwin Mozilla community member

The workshop includes 40 minutes of Q&A time. A facilitator experienced in Code of Conduct enforcement will answer any questions you have. Working with an expert is key for event organizers and community leaders wanting to create a safe, inclusive event.

Workshop Logistics

Our Code of Conduct Incident Response workshops are run completely online via Zoom.

You’ll be attending with up to 20 different event organizers and online community leaders. These workshops are a great way to discuss and learn from other communities.

The workshop run time is 4 hours. There are two breaks: a 5 minute break at 1 hour and 30 minutes in, and a 15 minute break at 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The whole learning experience was extremely well organized and thought through. This was done online extremely well (and I’d add that I’ve worked as an learning designer and facilitator in online spaces for over 15 years so I understand and appreciate the prep and skill it takes to do it THIS well!)

Tracy Kelly Senior Manager, Learning & Teaching, BCcampus

Payment Options

You can purchase a ticket for a workshop with a credit card through the Otter Tech website. Multiple tickets can be purchased at the same time.

Please contact us for additional payment options.

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