2020-06-02: June 2 – Code of Conduct Incident Response Workshop


Otter Tech is offering an online workshop on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 5 am to 9 am Pacific Time (USA) / 8 am to 12 pm Eastern Time (USA) / 1 pm to 5 pm Central European Time. This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about Code of Conduct enforcement. If you don’t know how to handle a report of a Code of Conduct violation, this workshop is for you!

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Workshop date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 5 am to 9 am Pacific Time (USA) / 8 am to 12 pm Eastern Time (USA) / 1 pm to 5 pm Central European Time

So you have a Code of Conduct. Great! How do you respond to a report that the Code of Conduct has been violated? How do you follow up with the person who was reported? Would you know what to say? Would you freeze in the moment?

This workshop is designed for people who are enforcing a Code of Conduct. You might be a moderator of an online community, or an event organizer or volunteer. This workshop will provide you the hands-on practice to support your community.

The workshop includes:

  • Practice taking a report of a potential Code of Conduct violation (an incident report)
  • Practice following up with the reported person
  • Instructor modeling on how to take a report
  • One practice scenario for a report given at an event
  • One practice scenario for a report given in an online community
  • Discussion on bias, microaggressions, personal conflicts, and false reporting
  • Frameworks for evaluating a response to a report
  • 40 minutes total of Q&A time

After the workshop, attendees are given access to the CC-BY-NC-SA licensed workshop materials. The materials include slides, a template form for incident responders to take a report, an event volunteer Code of Conduct guide, and a guide to creating safe(r) events.

Please note that this workshop is not designed to to help people understand how to follow a Code of Conduct. The workshop is designed to be a hands-on practice session, and will not cover all enforcement procedures.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ or contact us with your questions.

Workshop Pricing

The pricing is for 1 attendee to participate in the workshop. If you purchase multiple seats, Otter Tech will be in contact to get the names and email addresses of all attendees.

Cancellation policy: No refunds.

About Otter Tech

Otter Tech has trained incident responders for conferences like PyCon U.S., WordCamp Europe, North Bay Python, local DevOpsDays conferences (Portland, Hartford, Philadelphia and New York City), OpenStreetMap U.S., StarCon Waterloo, the BCcampus Festival of Learning, and the Bertha Foundation retreat. Otter Tech has trained incident responders for communities like GNOME, Drupal, Data Carpentries, and Elastic Search.

Otter Tech was founded by Sage Sharp. They are a coordinator for Outreachy, which is a paid, remote internship program that pairs free and open source software (FOSS) mentors with people from under-represented groups in tech. Sage has over 10 years experience in FOSS, and
is the author of the Linux kernel USB 3.0 driver. Sage participates in fandom, and they volunteer as co-chair for the Anti-abuse team (AAT) of Wiscon, a feminist science fiction convention in Wisconsin, USA.

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