Do you have an existing proprietary project you want to open source?

Are you having trouble working with an open source community that is key to your business success?

Do you want to emulate the speed and flexibility of successful open source communities?

Otter Tech can provide training to your employees. We’ll work one-on-one with you to develop a plan for success.


With over ten years experience in open source, Otter Tech employees provide training on both basic and advanced topics:

  • Open Source 101 – licensing, community norms, getting involved
  • Inner Source – leveraging open source methodologies on internal projects
  • Stewardship – promoting a maintainer mindset to reduce technical debt
  • Linux Kernel – working upstream productively


Open source development moves at the speed of light. The key to your employees’ success–whether you’re working with open source communities or replicating open source methodologies–is company culture.

Otter Technology can work with your company to promote an open source mindset at all levels, from the CEO to developers. We’ll help you develop a plan of action to transition your company to be more flexible, communicate more efficiently, and reduce technical debt.

Open Sourcing

Successfully launching and promoting new open source projects is a task fraught with pitfalls. Otter Tech will help you create a plan for all aspects of new open source projects:

  • Project hosting
  • Developer contribution models
  • Customer support
  • Governance models
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Licensing choice
  • Code of Conduct

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