Whether you’re an open source project looking to create an inclusive community or a company looking to increase internal diversity, Otter Tech is here to help. We offer:

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Diversity and Inclusion Advice

Many companies and technical community members want to foster a diverse community of contributors, but don’t know how to start. Otter Tech provides expert advice on how to reach out to people traditionally underrepresented in tech, and build an inclusive culture where they can thrive.

For companies, Otter Tech offers:

  • Hiring and job outreach process review
  • Company presence and branding review with an eye towards attracting diverse candidates
  • Benefits review to ensure good coverage for diverse candidates
  • Confidential employee interviews in order to create a company culture shift towards inclusivity
  • Internal policy reviews

For technical and open source communities, Otter Tech offers:

  • CFP review for inclusive language
  • Advice on outreach to tech diverse communities
  • Speaker training and mentoring sessions for diverse contributors
  • Planning for inclusive events
  • Review of project documentation and community discussion to suggest more inclusive language
  • Code of Conduct and incident response plan development


Why Focus on Diversity and Inclusion?

Study after study has shown the benefits of having a diverse work force. Creating an inclusive and safe work environment increases worker productivity, while studies have shown toxic team members have a larger negative impact on company profits than the positive impacts of hiring “rock star” developers.

Paid Consulting

While Otter Tech is very enthusiastic about helping communities improve diversity and inclusion practices, this work is often emotionally draining and impacts our ability to take on additional consulting work. Therefore, we hope you’ll understand that Otter Tech does not offer unpaid consulting services. If you’re from a small community or company without funding for diversity consulting, please consider looking at the geek feminism wiki code of conduct evaluations page and Safety First PDX’s code of conduct website, and watching Audrey Eschright’s “effective incident response” talk.


Contact us today, or sign up for our Diversity Deep Dives mailing list.